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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fractional real estate investment?

Fractional real estate investment is an innovative approach that allows multiple owners to share a property legally. Each investor owns a fraction of the real estate asset, as the property title is divided accordingly.

What is a slot?

A slot represents the minimum unit of co-ownership on Propslot. By purchasing a slot, you become a fractional owner of a property. You can acquire multiple slots of a property, subject to availability.

What properties are available on Propslot?

Propslot offers opportunities for co-ownership and investment in bare lands and homeownership. Join our waitlist to gain access to the latest available properties.

What returns can I expect from Propslot properties?

Returns from Propslot properties can be obtained through rental income and/or appreciation in property value over time. When you purchase a slot in a rental property, you earn rental income annually while your slot appreciates. Additionally, when you buy a property slot in any land, you earn by receiving capital gain when the property is sold.

How will the title be held since it is owned by more than one person?

To ensure a proper ownership structure, a Limited Liability Company (LLC) will be created to hold the title to the property. As an investor, you become a shareholder of the LLC.

Are there fees for buying a property slot?

No, joining Propslot and purchasing any property slot is completely free.

How do I follow up on my properties?

Upon purchasing a property slot, you will be assigned a dedicated Propslot Portfolio Manager. We also provide monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting and communication to keep you informed about your investments. For property inspections, please reach out to hello@propslot.com.

Who has legal ownership of the property?

You do. When you purchase Property Slots in any of our listed properties, you directly buy ownership of the LLC that holds that property.
For example, if you purchase 10% of the slot, you are entitled to 10% of the asset over time, including income from rent and property value appreciation.

Why are properties held in an LLC?

Properties are held in an LLC to facilitate the fractionalization of the property into slots. This structure protects shareholders from personal liabilities and reduces risks associated with property ownership. Furthermore, it allows for easy transfer or sale of equity in the property through our secondary market, without incurring excessive taxes.

What is covered in the Propslot Co-ownership Agreement?

The Propslot Co-ownership Agreement covers essential aspects such as percentage ownership, occupancy rights, percentage distribution of income, operational agreements, and deadlock resolution.

Is there a minimum funding amount?

Yes. The minimum funding amount varies for each property investment but can be as low as N200,000 per Slot.

Can I sell my Slot?

Absolutely! Investors can sell their property slots directly to another individual or list them on our platform. You can sell when there is a willing buyer available. For more information, please contact hello@propslot.com.

Can I transfer my property slots?

Yes! You have the flexibility to transfer your property slot to another individual.

How do I handle legal documents on Propslot?

Legal documents and agreements can be conveniently signed electronically, ensuring a seamless transfer process for all stakeholders.

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